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Viking Axes – High-Quality Throwing Axes by EDC Damascus

Welcome to EDC Damascus, your premier source for high-quality Viking Axe. It is also known as throwing axe. Our crafted collection showcases the perfect fusion of history, functionality, and elegance. We design each axe to embody the spirit of the mighty Vikings and are well-crafted. Moreover, made with tough carbon steel, Damascus steel, and beautiful rosewood handles. Explore our range of Viking axes and discover the ideal tool for you.

Authentic Viking Design:

Our Viking axes pay homage to the legendary weaponry wielded by Norse warriors. The axes are inspired by Viking history and have the same iconic design as their battle axes. Our axes have special shapes and designs that make them look like the ones Vikings used. Same as a real Viking axe.

Premium Materials – Viking Throwing axes:

At EDC Damascus, we focus on exceptional craftsmanship and durability. We craft our Viking axes using two primary materials: carbon steel and Damascus steel. Carbon steel provides strength, resilience, and sharpness. Carbon steel makes it ideal for cutting and splitting tasks. Damascus steel has cool wavy patterns and stays sharp for a long time without rusting. The combination of these premium materials ensures longevity and reliability.

Rosewood Handles:

We make the handles of our Viking axes from luxurious rosewood. Renowned for its natural beauty, strength, and comfortable grip. Rosewood enhances the aesthetics and functionality of our axes. The ergonomic design allows for precise control and reduces fatigue during extended use. Moreover, it is ensuring a superior throwing experience.

Versatile Throwing Axes:

Our Viking axes are not only striking but also designed for precision throwing. Whether you’re practicing in your backyard or a professional participating in competitive events. Our throwing axes offer excellent balance and aerodynamics. We design our axes to have perfect balance and streamlined profiles. It allows them to hit targets with ease.

Functional and Decorative:

While our Viking axes excel in functionality, they also make exquisite decorative pieces. Our axes are like beautiful works of art, with detailed engravings and decorations that show Viking culture. You can display them, collect them, or use them for special events to add elegance and history to any place.

Conclusion – Viking Axe For Sale

We present a captivating collection of Viking axes, crafted to capture the essence of Viking heritage. Our throwing axes are perfect for enthusiasts, professionals, and collectors. Moreover, our throwing axes have exceptional materials, authentic designs, and versatile capabilities. Explore our range and get a Viking axe that embodies the power, beauty, and craftsmanship of the Viking era.